Silhouette roll feeder



The very first thing we have to do is connect the move feeder towards the Outline device. The directions demonstrate just how to do that, and also the openings are recognized about the feeder. If you should be currently utilizing it using the CAMEO fall into line both of these broadly-spaced square holes using the CAMEO’S toes and simply slip the toes in to the openings. This guarantees the move silhouette roll feeder is precisely situated from the device.
You are able to reduce plastic sheets -inch using the plastic feeder. Just slip the best-palm manual of the feeder and established vinyl’s move in position.

SUGGESTION: I’ve discovered the feeder is most effective with sheets which have a tough inner-tube, in the place of only a move of plastic without any cardboard tube inside.

Ensure that you alter the wheels that are bright in your CAMEO, aswell. Pull-down the change handle, alter the best-hand roller towards the 12” placement (one step in), then drive the change lever upright again.
Make sure to cut the key edge of the vinyl so it’s right before launching the plastic and it is perpendicular to its side side. You should use the cutter that’s incorporated with your preferred straight-edge or the move feeder trimmer.

SUGGESTION: I prefer to fold the key edge up of giving it through the CAMEO and also the move feeder for that ease. From a move it has a tendency to fold along, therefore simply curl it only a little within the reverse way.

To fill the plastic using the move feeder, placement the move therefore its industry leading covers the most effective of the move towards the equipment, then supply it underneath the top bright starting (view picture below).
Lastly, fill the plastic in to the CAMEO. The machine’s wheels on both factors ought to be completely pressing and also the roller change handle ought to be within the place that is up. Contain the plastic from the wheels while choosing “Load Media” (not weight cut pad).



The next phase would be to reduce your plastic. I employed almost the entire 12 in. thickness of plastic open to me since my fabric cell was 16 in. x-20 in.. My style was resized by me to 11.5 in.-wide to provide only a little space for that wheels across the sides. You can observe how I put up Style Page Configurations and my workspace in Outline Studio®.
• Test rectangle to represent my fabric of 16 in. x-20 in. (positioned outside the cutting region)
• Style measured to 11.5 in.-wide (positioned within the rectangle to obtain a concept of how it’ll appear)
• Copy of style to reduce on reducing section of workspace placed
• Page Size = 12 in. x-20 in. (the thickness issues, although not always the duration because we’re reducing from the move)
• Reducing Pad = none
• Examine “Show Reduce Border”
• Subsequently I cut my plastic with my pre-examined configurations (Edge 2, Pace 9, Width 8) therefore it might reduce completely through the plastic although not through the backing.
Basically sell it in the device • Following The style continues to be cut and cut on removed it from the move.Our style was but using the roll feeder it is simple to reduce at almost the whole period of the move.


Next, bud your plastic using the catch device by disposing and choosing of all of the extra plastic around and during your style.


Today it’s time for you to utilize the plastic towards the area that is ready. Since I employed 12-inch plastic, I also employed 12-inch transfer document.

Slice the weeded plastic style to be matched by the move document.

Our technique for implementing move paper to some big style would be to fold along about an inchapproximately of the backing on top fringe of the move document, then cautiously fall into line and push along that top inch of exchange paper towards the plastic design’s top fringe of backing. When that’s secure, you are able to peel the move paper’s backing away from underneath while removing the move document across the plastic style.
Make use of the scrape device to push and stroke the entire design permanently adhesion when the move document is since the plastic style.

Today placement the move document and style onto the area that is ready. Make use of a painter’s and leader recording to assist have it directly.
Once you’re certain of the positioning, utilize painter’s recording at the very top (include more if required) to do something just like a joint to help you begin ripping away the vinyl’s backing in the top and function the right path along. Push the plastic style (about the move document) from the area while you peel-away the backing from underneath.
Make use of the scrape again to push the plastic style from the fabric panel carefully peel the move document away whilst the plastic style remains in position.

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